Canadian Maple Leaf Monster Box – 500 pcs

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SGD 13,423.12
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Product Description

The Canadian Maple Leaf (Silver)

These Silver Maples are the perfect blend of collectible beauty and investment appeal (one of the lowest spread for Precious Metal Coins). Not only that, Canadian Maple Leaf are among the world’s most recognized coins and are issued annually by the Government of Canada through the Royal Canadian Mint. The face value of the 1 ounce coin is 5 Canadian dollars, and the coin’s content, weight and purity are guaranteed by the Canadian Government making the silver maple leaf highly desirable by investors and collectors alike. (Please take note that the Canadian Maple Leaf tend to tarnish or develop white spots more easily after being touched compared to other sovereign issued coins. However, tarnishing does not affect the silver intrinsic value. If this is a concern we would recommend the American Eagles.


500 Coin Sealed Monster Box

We only sell our Canadian Maple Leaf in multiples of 500 coins per order which will be delivered in monster boxes. These monster boxes are packaged by the Royal Canadian Mint in sturdy yellow plastic boxes and are sealed by the Royal Canadian Mint in their Winnipeg facility. Sealed monster boxes allow for a faster and easier resell process and contain 20 tubes of 25 maple leafs each for a total of 500 coins.


Weight 500 toz
Forms Bullion, Coin
Purity 0.9999